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Email marketing is indeed one of the most practiced and traditional way of marketing online. Gone are the days when you could buy an email sending software and send bulk of emails without any problem.

Today, email marketing in Pakistan has become a very professional niche. Not every software or web development company know the new requirements of mass email sending. Most of the emails sent by other companies end up in junk email folder or never reach the intended recipient.

There are also other challenges in sending emails. You might be maintaining a list of clients to whom you want to send regular emails. If you do this yourself, you may end up spending too much time and if you choose an immature company, your emails may never reach there.

Ansoft Interactive gives you a unique hassele free email marketing solution in Pakistan which is trusted and tested by top national and multinationals in Pakistan.

Our proprietary technology makes use of the following best practices:

Valid Lists :
Instead of sending email to millions of non-valid or non functional emails, we practice sending emails to only valid and recent email addresses

Client List / Our List :
You can provide your own email list to which we can send your message or we can use our own listing to send your message.

Legitimate Email Sending :
All emails we sent are based on legitimate business and email sending principles making sure that emails we sent are not treated as spam.